Aaron Rodgers Rookie Cards Wise Investment

He is one of several hottest young players inside the NFL correct now. Is it a wise move to invest in Aaron Rodgers rookie cards?

Rodgers has some benefits and drawbacks as a target for the sports memorabilia investment dollar. He plays

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the glamour position of quarterback and play for the Green Bay Packers, on the list of game's greatest franchises. He's an incredibly talented player, but not yet on the elite level When you appear at the players whose cards hold the highest worth they're usually players that came into the NFL and were immediate superstars. The upside of a player like Rodgers at this moment may be extra in line with Dan Fouts, a Hall of Fame quarterback for confident but not a fantastic of the game like Joe Montana, John Elway or Brett Favre.

1 obstacle for Aaron Rodgers is definitely the shadow cast by his predecessor at quarterback for the Packers. Proper or wrong he will usually be measured against Favre. This is a comparison he is destined to drop for a selection of factors. Favre was a swashbuckling hero who won a Super Bowl and played each game injured or not.

But Rodgers has numerous related qualities. He's a quiet leader, but in addition difficult and may well have more respect from his teammates than Favre did at his age. Rodgers is smart, tends to make superior choices and can run somewhat, meaning he's not dull by any stretch.

If you're sold on Aaron Rodgers because the actual deal

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I have some very good possibilities. Just try to remember that the present football card marketplace is considerably diverse than in years past. Inserts, autographed cards and game worn swatch cards dominate today's industry. The days of a plain ordinary rookie card possessing any type of long-term value are gone forever. This poses some complications for the collector. With actually tens of distinct rookie cards to choose from you truly never know which 1 are going to be most effective over the extended run.

1 card I like will be the 2005 Exquisite RC Autographed patch card of Rodgers. It really is visually pleasing and gives both swatches of his game worn jersey and his verified autograph. It includes a demonstrated sale price in the $500 variety and is limited to 199 copies readily available.

An additional method to Rodgers investment is always to go with bulk rather than gems. The 2005 Upper Deck rookie card sells for any couple bucks correct now as a single. You are able to purchase significant a lot of this card for significantly less than a dollar a piece on Ebay. It is possible to in fact buy among these big lots now and make a profit basically by selling them individually on Ebay. You are able to also horse enormous quantities of this card for minimal investment. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that a number of pro bowl season and a Super Bowl or two wouldn't put this card into the $5 or higher price range. If it achieves this level it is possible to make considerably additional revenue selling this card is massive quantities than you could investing in the more higher priced varieties. In this hobby a $1 card becomes a $5 card considerably much easier than a $100 card becomes a $500 card.

Rodgers lost two season sitting on the bench, doesn't have prime star good quality coming in to the league from college and plays within the shadow of one of many game's greats. But as

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Mike Holmgren when told Reggie White as he recruited the late, wonderful defensive end, "Reggie you may go anywhere and be a star. Come to Green Bay and you will be a legend."

If Rodgers can continue to lead the Packers to deep playoff runs and win a Super Bowl or two, he'll be primed to carve his personal spot in NFL history. Snap up several Aaron Rodgers rookie cards or possibly a few good Rodgers autographed items and you could possibly be glad you did.

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